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Stay out of the Secret Folder!

  • By The JobSmart Team
  • 14 Feb, 2016

Firstly, welcome to our blog!

Here at JobSmart HQ we are working hard to bring you a quicker, smarter and easier way to find your perfect job.

Most online job-boards focus on the satisfaction of their paying customers – the RECRUITERS. Did you know that when you click that ‘apply’ button, there is no guarantee that your application will even GET to the recruiter, never mind be seen by them! Recruiters have a secret folder where applications that do not meet their requirements are automatically sent – the requirements they often don't even bother to mention in the job advert! 

Disheartened? I know we were! Spending hours online every day applying for jobs only to be sent straight into the junk folder on the other side, what a waste of time :-(

Our vision is simple – to make the process as smart and efficient for the jobseekers as it is for the recruiters.

Watch this space!


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